Sailing cruises......The routes


Our base is in Lefkada, an island located in the middle of the Eptaneso, the archipelago of the Ionian Greece which is delimitated by the island of Corfu at north and Zante at south.

Eptanisos, seven islands. In fact there are many more but only a few are considered as the main that are:


That last one is physically closest to the Aegean and is not part of our itinerary.
The sailing boat cruise is composed by many elements and most of them magically mixed one with the other especially in these island.
Temperatures are constantly excellent, the wind is never excessive and allows everybody to face the navigation in total relax especially in the presence of a professional skipper who will always make you feel at your ease.
The bays are generally very sheltered and allow you to take long baths and practice snorkelling at optimal temperatures.

The central position of Lefkas consents to choose between an itinerary to the North of the Island and another one at South.

Northern Route

From Lefkas to North we will visit the Antipaxos islands, characterized by a beach called "swimming pool".
White sand and crystal clear sea have nothing to envy to the best Mediterranean islands!
Paxos with its numerous bays and small villages with that typical Greek atmosphere and Kerkira with its beautiful Venetian town.
Besides, some beautiful bays of the Epirus coast as Parga with its magnificent castle, Mourtos with its turquoise waters and finally a stop at the Acheron River, according to the myth, it would be a branch of the river Styx that flows into the underground world from the underworld , through which Charon ferried the souls of the dead to Hades.
This route requires a bit of miles and a bit of open sea. Very easy but requires some halts forcedly a bit long. Furthermore , the bays might be a little more crowded.

Southern route

From Lefkas to south there are several islands, some are quite big like Lefkas, Itakhi, Kefallonia and Zakynthos and other are minors, in size but definitely not in beauty, like Kastos, Kalamos, Meganisi, Atokos.
Among these last ones, some are characterized by small fishing villages other are even uninhabited. All are surrounded by many beautiful bays a short distance from each other. It is impossible to describe them all. You absolutely must see them!
That itinerary allows shortest stops between an island and the other, respect to the northern route, and consequently the opportunity to enjoy more tranquillity of nature's beauty.
More suitable for those who don’t want to have obligatory stops and prefer to wander about without having to look too much at the clock and a daily program.

Northern Sporades islands and islands of Argo – Saronico

At the beginning of the season, from April to June, in addition to the cruise in the Ionian Islands, we also offer cruises in the Northern Sporades islands , situated in the Aegean at North- Est of Athene or in the Argo – Saronico islands , that are also situated in the Aegean but at south of Athene.
When the Meltemi start to strengthen , wind blows from the Aegean up to 30 knots during July and August, we offer cruises mostly in the Ionian Islands as the absence of this wind so loud allows a much more quiet and relaxing but still fun navigation.
In detail, the stages of the different routes, can be decided together with the guests in the area of the navigation chose and compatibly with the weather conditions.


Embarkation and disembarkation

The program includes cruise periods of one or two week and sometimes with previous agreement also periods of 10 days.
Usually one week is enough to see the islands of Lefkada and Kefalonia, or to sail between Lefkas and Corfu, but to get up to Zakynthos we recommend a cruise of at least 10 days.
The best time to sail up to Zakynthos is the middle of August in order to avoid the significant increase, but never too annoying, of boats elsewhere in the archipelago during this period.
With a cruise of 14 days in the Ionian Islands, it is possible, as well as arriving up to Zakynthos,


The cruise week starts with boarding in the port of Lefkada, capital of the homonymous island.
Embarkation will be at 12:00 pm Sunday while disembarking will be at about 4:00 pm the following Saturday with return to port no later than 2:00 pm.
These times allow us to optimize the cruise regarding the arrivals of the ferries that are, so far, the most used by Italians. In fact, they arrive in the morning between 7:00 am and 11:00am while they leave in the evening between 10:00 pm and 1:00 am.
In this way, once you arrive, you'll find the boat ready and at the return you will have just enough time for a shower and set off to catch the ferry.
We won’t sleep in the port of embarkation unless you desire it.

A day in the boat

A typical day on board starts with an hearty breakfast!
Once the boat settled we are prepare to set sail and reach a cove where you can go bathing, snorkelling, relaxing on the beach.
Usually, the morning navigation is done with the engine as the wind in the Ionian is only a breeze that then gets up in the early afternoon with the heating of the earth.
A nice and good lunch on board waiting for the first puffs and we’ll go for a nice sail.
The islands are close one to the other and all transfers are, in general, one or two hours long.
We reach a new mooring to stay overnight.
We can choose whether to stay in a small village’s harbour, maybe for a dinner in a typical tavern, or stop in a bay where to have a barbecue on the beach or on the boat, or dabble with the kitchen on board.
The stars will not miss and one or more guitars will gladden the evening.